Construction timber & laths

Construction timber & laths made to measure

Being a small-diameter sawmill, which sources its raw materials from growing areas in the Belgian Ardennes and the Eifel, we produce sawn timber with sound knots and dense annual growth rings, meeting the high standards in timber construction.


We focus on production of construction wood and laths for timber frame construction and roof trusses.


The cutting of our round wood takes place in a high-performance chipper-canter line, which guarantees a clean surface and absolute size accuracy.


  • Laths are calibrated and bundled
  • All products can be dip treated with wood preservatives, which ensures an additional protection against discolouration, insects and fungal attacks

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Sawn timber by Belwood

Every year, our family-run sawmill processes around 200,000 m³ of logs into sawn timber and further products.

Optimisation of the cross-section

for the best possible utilisation

Highly efficient sorting plant

with state-of-the-art scanner technology

High-quality products

thanks to constant monitoring and inspection

Certifications & sustainability

``Holz von hier`` and 100% utilisation of raw materials

Additional processing and finishing

technical drying, treatment with wood preserver and finishing

As a full-service provider

we provide all the elements you need for your project

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Our offer is aimed primarily at specialist materials wholesalers, the wood-processing industry and construction companies. Thanks to our competent team, favorable location and optimized logistics, we deliver directly to professional customers all over Western Europe.

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