Cross Laminated Timber – CLT


Cross laminated timber (CLT, BSP, X-Lam) is a massif wood building material that is used as load-bearing element in construction. It’s manufactured by gluing at least 3 layers of lamellas at right angles to one another.


Being a pure wood product, CLT serves as a natural depot for CO2, which has been absorbed when the tree was growing. This gives CLT a significant economical advantage against other conventional building materials like steel or concrete.


The greatest advantage of CLT lies in its high potential of prefabrication and thus heavily reduced construction time on site.


Cable conduits, sockets, windows and doors can be pre-cut using CNC technology. This means that those tasks are almost completely removed off the site, thus resulting in a significant reduction of dust and noise pollution for residents.


Because of it’s low weight, when compared to traditional materials like concrete, CLT offers considerable advantages when renovating existing buildings and allows for additional storeys to be added


  • Ein- und Mehrfamilienhäuser
  • Öffentliche Verwaltungsgebäude
  • Landwirtschaftliche Gebäude
  • Industrie- und Produktionshallen
  • Sport- und Freizeitanlagen


  • Innovative Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten
  • Große Spannweiten
  • Hohe Tragfähigkeit
  • Hohe Formstabilität
  • Schnelle und trockene Bauweise
  • Hoher Brandwiderstand
  • Sehr gute Wärmedämmung
  • Natürlicher und nachhaltiger Baustoff
  • 100% Recyclebar
  • Natürlicher CO2 Speicher und dadurch positiv für den Klimaschutz

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