Cross Laminated Timber – CLT


Cross laminated timber (BSP, CLT or X-lam) is constructed from multiple layers of solid wood. Cross laminated timber consists of 3 to 9 softwood board layers glued together crosswise.

CLT solid wood panels are available in different panel thicknesses depending on the static requirements, with thicknesses from 60 to 360 mm and formats up to max. 3.50 m high x 16.50 m long.


As a pure wood product, cross laminated timber binds the CO2 absorbed during the growth phase of the raw material in the long term, thus offering a genuine environmentally friendly alternative to conventional building materials such as concrete or steel.


The great advantages are the high degree of prefabrication of the wall elements, and thus a very short assembly time on the construction site.

The finished CLT elements are cut precisely to plan in our factory on one of the most modern CNC-controlled joinery machines, with openings for doors and windows, incisions, milling for electrics, wiring, etc.

Due to its low dead weight, CLT is also ideally suited for adding storeys to existing buildings.


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Application examples

  • Single and multi-family houses
  • Public buildings (schools, kindergartens, nursing homes)
  • Commercial buildings (offices, hotels)
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Industrial and production halls
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Office and industrial buildings
  • Modular and temporary buildings
  • Additions of storeys

Product advantages

Building physics, planning and assembly

Excellent building physics properties (heat, moisture, building acoustics, fire protection, climate, energy)
Simple planning
Easy to assemble
Short construction time, high degree of prefabrication
Dry construction method, therefore rapid erection and quick readiness for occupancy
High dimensional accuracy according to plan through CNC joinery


Statics, indoor climate and architecture

Excellent static properties, high dimensional stability, 2-axis load transfer,

low dead weight
Solid construction
Diffusion-open elements, CLT acts as a vapor barrier, foil-free construction
Healthy, pleasant living and room climate (heat storage in winter, insulation in summer)
Surface visual quality: pleasantly warm wood surfaces
Freedom in architectural realization, outside as well as inside
Freely selectable roof shapes


Energy, ecology and climate

Up to 10% space gain, due to slim wall structures
Savings in energy and costs for transport and handling due to the low weight
Ecological and sustainable raw material wood
Climate-neutral construction due to CO2-storing building product
Passive house and low-energy house
Nature in architecture

Cross-laminated timber by Belwood

Every year, our family-run sawmill processes around 200,000 m³ of logs into cross-laminated timber, CLT solid wood boards or X-lam as well as further products.

Manufactured with absolute precision

and the best possible surface quality

Technical advice and planning

together with our partner Woodinnovation

Highly-automated production

for precise, flexible and high-quality processing

As a full-service provider

we manufacture everything, right through to timber framing

High-quality products

thanks to constant monitoring and inspection

Certifications & sustainability

``Holz von hier`` and 100% utilisation of raw materials

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