Glued laminated timber

Glued laminated timber – BSH

Glulam consists of at least 4 lamellas, of which 3 are glued in the same fibre direction.


These kind of beams are characterized by their high strength and form stability, and are thus used as load-bearing elements in timber construction.


As the beams are planed after gluing, they can be implemented in living areas without concerns.


Wood species : Spruce – Pine – Douglas fir


Example of applications

  • Apartment buildings and family homes
  • Public buildings
  • Agricultural structures
  • Industrial structures and production sites
  • Sports and leisure facilities


  • Innovative design possibilities
  • Long spans
  • High load-bearing capacities
  • High form stability
  • Fast and dry construction
  • High fire resistance
  • Great insulation
  • Natural and sustainable building material
  • 100% recyclable
  • Natural CO2 storage and thus positive for the environment

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Glued laminated timber by Belwood

Every year, our family-run sawmill processes around 200,000 m³ of logs into glued laminated timber, glulam and further products.

Planed with absolute precision,

extremely strong and dimensionally stable

Highly-automated production

for precise, flexible and high-quality processing

Perfect gluing technique

and best possible surface quality

High-quality products

thanks to constant monitoring and inspection

Certifications & sustainability

``Holz von hier`` and 100% utilisation of raw materials

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