Solid structural timber

Solid structural timber for the modern timber house

KVH is a building material with strict product characteristics, developed to meet the high requirements of modern timber construction.

Due to its cut and the low wood moisture content it’s less prone to fissures, more stable and can do without additional chemical wood preservatives.

Example of application

  • Apartment buildings and family homes
  • Public buildings
  • Agricultural structures
  • Industrial structures and production sites
  • Sports and leisure facilities


  • Rafters and roof trusses
  • Bars and pillars in timber construction
  • Versatile building material for carpenters
  • Substructures


  • Innovative design possibilities
  • Long spans
  • High load-bearing capacities
  • High form stability
  • Fast and dry construction
  • High fire resistance
  • Great insulation
  • Natural and sustainable building material
  • 100% recyclable
  • Natural CO2 storage and thus positive for the environment

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Solid structural timber by Belwood

Every year, our family-run sawmill processes around 200,000 m³ of logs into solid structural timber and further products.

Manufactured with absolute precision

extremely strong in terms of weight-bearing and dimensionally stable

Highly-automated production

for precise, flexible and high-quality processing

Flexible production

thanks to state-of-the-art machinery

High-quality products

thanks to constant monitoring and inspection

Certifications & sustainability

``Holz von hier`` and 100% utilisation of raw materials

As a full-service provider

we provide all the elements you need for your project

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Our offer is aimed primarily at specialist materials wholesalers, the wood-processing industry and construction companies. Thanks to our competent team, favorable location and optimized logistics, we deliver directly to professional customers all over Western Europe.

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