Our sister company WOODINNOVATION, Innovative and sustainable timber construction

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Managing Director Patrick Pauels: “At WOODINNOVATION we believe in sustainable and resource-saving construction. Building with CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is an important contribution to climate and environmental protection. And every cubic metre of wood used makes its contribution. Wood is predestined for prefabricated construction, which is why our focus is: sustainable building in wood”.

Type of wood

  • spruce
  • on request: pine, larch, douglas



  • 60 to 360 mm



  • 3,50m up to 16,50m



  • NSI – non-visible
  • ISI – industrial visual
  • WSI – residential visual

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Born, Kaiserbaracke 3
B-4770 Amel



Woodinnovation opened their doors in the summer of 2020


The production of CLT elements is carried out in modern production facilities.

The finished CLT elements are cut on a modern CNC-controlled joinery system in the factory, precisely according to the production plans with openings for doors and windows, cuts, millings for electrics and cables, etc.

The UNITEAM CLT400 joinery portal was set up at Woodinnovation for cutting cross-laminated timber, the first system of this size in BENELUX.

The cut is defined according to the customer’s specifications. This guarantees maximum processing precision, reliability and top performance.


In the meantime, you can already admire the CNC machine – Biesse Uniteam CLT400 with the video below: